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GADSDEN CITY FOR SALE  OCTOBER 5th 2000 Last Updated 10-03-2000  / 4 AM   {click for updates} Volume 2
We live under a government of men and morning newspapers.
Wendell Phillips (1811-1884)
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Located at the foothills of the Appalachians and nestled in a valley next to the winding Coosa River, with breath taking beauty, tons of outdoor recreation, natural wonders, historic buildings and sites, and some of the best people in the US with good values we call it home. Here we have access to Four of the South's Major Cities ( Birmingham, AL ; Atlanta, GA ; Huntsville, AL ; Chattanooga, TN ). With Little River Canyon national Park near by a good place to get away. Plenty of local shops in and around town to hold ones shopping interest. If your in the mood to do some trading well you came to the right spot yard sales flea markets, trade days just ask someone they will tell you about their last great deal. From old cars and trucks to antiques furniture and dolls, champion breed animals, homemade arts and crafts you'll find it all here. We take pride in the abundance of hunting and fishing in the area your never that far from your next outdoors man adventure. If rock climbing or backpacking is your thing we have more trails and bluffs than you can shake a walking staff at. A trip would not be complete to the area without a visit to the newly renovated Historic Down Town Gadsden and don't forget to stop in the Center for Cultural Arts where you might catch a view of some famous art, take the children to the Children's Museum The Ignition Place, stop in the courtyard for some music food and sprits. While your  there pick up some information on what's coming up and going on in town. Just a few blocks away you can ride the river on the Paddle Boat The Alabama Princess. Just up Mountain you will find Noccalula Falls City Park a 90 foot water falls with lots of history dating back to the first white settlers, train Rides, a play ground for the children, gardens, a old pioneer village and lots of fun for the whole family. Just as an extra did I mention the low property  cost the great churches, schools, low crime rate, fantastic doctors, friendly neighbors. As with all deals this city has some fixing up to do, but with a little work and effort, which is al ready in the process, this city is prime property and a great buy.
A fixer upper if you got the cash we got the city and what a bargain. Former owners were money grubbing factory big whigs and pocket lining politicians who had no idea of the value of real estate, resources, natural landmarks, or the value of good hard working, honest people that live in and around the area. They even went as far as to tare down a national historic landmark the Dwight Cotton Mill and put a cheep strip mall to replace it. I guess someone forgot to tell them of the historic value of such a building or at the time of the closing of the Mill, a strike over child labor and low wages, Gadsden was the fastest growing city in the US. But I don't think they took Alabama History in school. Making  a civic center or use the buildings outside structure for a high end Mall with a Hotel that would make since, oh you just know that crossed their little minds.
Civil engineering was not their strong suite either since some rocket scientist decided to relocate the city dump next to cities largest and the states second at the time attraction, Noccalula Falls. Not to mention this is on the creek where Emma Sansom lead Nathan Forest across a ford to escape the Yankees (Not the baseball team just in case your one of the fore mentioned or are from north of here). Trust me it was not the River where the monument is located across from our attractive blue sixties dated city hall where she lead him across. The creek and property where this happened is now in ruin from the pollution. If they could not mess up things worse, instead of marking the falls with some native totem pole or attractive rustic sign, let's put up a big red ball that says Jacks, hey and while were at it let's put a cheep fast food restaurant with a drive through. I'm sure no one got any money off those three deals.
Looks like the same city real estate dealer developer has decided we need to give away some prime river front property and throw in some money to help the poor sole fill in a lake. Well what the hell so we didn't need a  conferance/civic center and park on that property either. We will just close off a major highway if the city folks want to get together. Hey and the view of a car lot will impress our more important visitors. If only we could put a used house trailer dealer next to it, no we have that on the other side. The view from the Gadsden Motor Inn (what an eye sore) would not  be complete with a six pac and a date you paid for by the hour.
Let's face it these guys would not go far in Chattanooga where they embrace their past and restore their old land marks, preserve their natural wonders, fix up their river banks and bring in tourism. Oh I think they spend money with a real agency on a total marketing and tourism effort and at their festival on the river, well they actuality market their city and its resources and try to attract new business and people to the area. And the common folk get to have a beer without having going to jail. What a concept. You think our chamber would get tired of  shaking each others hands passing cards among themselves, and having drinks with the same people, and maybe branch out and quit squandering the money they make for the RiverFest every year on things other than promoting area economic growth. No they need a golf course to do more of the same at. Not that a golf course in general is a bad idea, just not a timely or should take priority over attracting people and new business to the area this takes advertisement and that takes money. A nice well placed hotel and conference center  seams more important.  Moines for the renovation and promotion of  new business on Wall Street in Alabama City would bring in more revenue and restore hope in an area that needs it.
If the city wants to develop some property for another car dealer then I have the perfect spot, it's a goofy golf course with a small bar on it , some called it The Gadsden Country Club, I call it a waste of good commercial real estate. With that no longer there then some people would have to get off there duffs and take responsibility about doing what they are hired to do and that is to promote and build back Gadsden.
If there is one place that has more unused, wasted, misused, destroyed and unadvertised resources than Gadsden then I have never been there, and no wonder if you don't know you can't go.



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