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Logos say Who, What, Where and is it worth a closer look.
Your Company Name, Mark and Graphic identity are as important as any aspect of your business, company, organization, corporation, group, product or sales team. Your Graphic identity, mark, name label say everything as to why someone should take your efforts serious. Even if your stuck with a name you do not care for
a logo can be your first foot in the door with your target group.

Most Large companies spend thousands even millions on research each year to find out what John Q Public thinks about their graphic look. Your graphic look is to your company, what a politicians track records is to his future campaign. Politicians also spend thousands on graphic image to entice voters, that despite their short comings, they look good on paper (on the net and the bill board).

I worked with Coca-Cola who spent millions on showing the public different graphic looks to see if they needed to change or up date logos, packaging, graphics or advertisement, this was just on research. The logo for the Always Coca-Cola disk in 1992 is still being used and refined form my original computer illustration in '92. An example of what my company can do for you.

Even if you have a part time business you need a Name, logo and cards this will make you more money than any one thing you can do in advertisement to get the word out that you are of first quality. Word of mouth is soon forgotten, but they will keep a good looking business card or remember your nice logo or design then they will remember to call you for your service or product.

Below are but a few examples of Logos and graphics I have worked on. In 25 years I have never had anyone say, it was not worth the money or the effort even those whose business did not make it.

Most logos are simple, but the thought process involved is one of experience, knowledge, research, psychology, design, illustration, graphic know how, market ability, trends, personal involvement, trial and error, to come up with what works for the person, product or company that the logo reflects.

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